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jeremy Switch from `.dev` to `.test`
In light of Google enabling HSTS on the `.dev` TLD.
Maintains support for `.dev` for backward compatibility.

The `.test` TLD is reserved (along with `.example`, `.invalid`,
and `.localhost`) per RFC 2606 and RFC 6761:


6.2.  Domain Name Reservation Considerations for "test."

The domain "test.", and any names falling within ".test.", are
special in the following ways:

1.  Users are free to use these test names as they would any other
domain names.  However, since there is no central authority
responsible for use of test names, users SHOULD be aware that
these names are likely to yield different results on different

2.  Application software SHOULD NOT recognize test names as special,
and SHOULD use test names as they would other domain names.

3.  Name resolution APIs and libraries SHOULD NOT recognize test
names as special and SHOULD NOT treat them differently.  Name
resolution APIs SHOULD send queries for test names to their
configured caching DNS server(s).
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