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Is JRuby supported?

No. But we hope to support it in the future.

JRuby's select is buggy. Theres an open ticket on their issue tracker.

The issue was originally reported on #14.

Is Linux supported?

Only OSX 10.6+ is officially supported.

However there are some attempts to get Pow running on Linux. The dns resolver and firewall rules are specific features of OSX. But the core server only depends on node. With the combination of dnsmasq and some iptable rules you might be able to get it up and running.

Related issues: #101, #118

Check this fork:

Are 32-bit machines compatible?

Yes, but the installer only includes a node binary only for 64-bit machines. You'll need to install Pow from source.

How can I run a Rails 2.3.x app without a


Add this:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/config/environment'

How do I install from source?

First clone the git repository:

$ git clone

Install via npm (you'll need version 1.0 or higher):

$ cd pow
$ npm install --global

Can Pow run Legacy PHP or CGI apps?

Yes, if Rack support is configured using the rack-legacy gem. Instructions can be found in this blog post.

I have apps that don't work with the rack-legacy gem. Can I run pow side-by-side with Apache?

Pow and Apache can be configured to run side-by-side. You can find instructions on the Running-Pow-with-Apache wiki page.

Can I run my app in different rails environments through Pow?

Pow is intended for development use only, but if you just want to test how your app behaves with the settings for your different environments (e.g. production), you can run the following from your app directory.

echo export RAILS_ENV=production > .powenv && touch tmp/restart.txt

Can I use pow with a system-wide (/usr/local/rvm) RVM install?


echo 'export POW_RVM_PATH=/usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm' >> ~/.powconfig

Then restart POW by killing it in the Activity Monitor or in the Terminal.

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