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Installing from official packages (recommended)

The recommended way to install Pow is from the latest official release package. Open a terminal and run this command:

$ curl | sh

The installation script downloads the latest release of Pow, unpacks it into ~/Library/Application Support/Pow, generates and installs local and system configuration files, and boots the server.

Installing from source

You can also install Pow from source, but it's a more complicated process. This is a good option if you want to contribute to Pow. It's also suitable for anyone averse to running shell scripts from the internet. Finally, it's necessary if you're using a 32-bit Mac.

1. Install Node.js 0.8.x

You'll need Node.js 0.8.x to run Pow. A good way to install Node on OS X is via the Homebrew package manager. With Homebrew, just run:

$ brew install node

You can also check out the Node source and install it yourself.

2. Check out the Pow source

Using git, check out a fresh copy of the Pow source code:

$ git clone
$ cd pow

This will give you the bleeding-edge development version of Pow. You can check out a release tag if you aren't up for the ride. For example, to check out version 0.5.0:

$ git checkout v0.5.0

3. Install library dependencies and configuration files

From your Pow checkout, run these commands:

$ npm install -g
$ cake install
$ cake start

This installs Pow's dependencies the repositories' node_modules directory. It also invokes the Pow installer which generates and installs local and system configuration files.

If you want Pow to be started with launchd everytime you login run:

$ launchctl load -Fw "$HOME/Library/LaunchAgents/cx.pow.powd.plist"