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Passing the `--complete` flag to this subcommand short circuits the real command, and then runs another subcommand instead. The output from your subcommand's `--complete` run is sent to your shell's autocompletion handler for you, and you don't ever have to once worry about how any of that works!
-## Aliases
+## Shortcuts
Creating shortcuts for commands is easy, just symlink the shorter version you'd like to run inside of your `libexec` directory.
@@ -104,7 +104,9 @@ Now, `rush w` should run `libexec/rush-who`, and save you mere milliseconds of t
Clone this repo, and run:
-`./ [name of your executable]`
+ ./ [name of your executable]
+If you made a mistake with the name, just `git checkout -f` and run the rename command again.
From there you may want to wipe the git history clean and start anew: `rm -rf .git`.

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