Support for files that shouldn't be under version control #18

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This is more of a question than an issue, but is the share directory intended for files that may contain machine specific passwords or other files that you wouldn't want to be in git?

If not, do you have a standard way to do this in your own commands?


qrush commented Nov 1, 2012

It's more for "data" files, like configuration, templates, etc, that wouldn't otherwise be executable and in the bin directory. I think putting machine-specific passwords in there and a command in bin to parse that out would be fine.

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bradical commented Nov 1, 2012

Thanks for the explanation! Can you explain how putting the command in bin would work? Would this expose the data to all of my sub-commands?

The convention I came up with was to add a /share/<MY_SUB_NAME>/*.properties to my .gitignore and then assume the files are things like

bradical commented Nov 9, 2012

Does everything in bin get loaded? I put some utility functions in a BASH script in there. Is that the correct way to approach it? Do I need to manually load that script?

bradical commented Dec 5, 2012

FYI, the way I ended up sharing this utility command was by creating a file in libexec called "prop-loader" with a function load-props:

load-props() {
if [ ! -f $PROPS_FILE ];
  echo "MySQL properties file not found. Please create a file ${PROPS_FILE} with at least a PASSWORD property. You can copy the file" >&2
source $PROPS_FILE
if [ -z "$PASSWORD" ];
  echo "Properties file exists but does not contain PASSWORD. Please add a MySQL password to your properties file in ${PROPS_FILE}" >&2
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