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A WYSIWYG JavaScript framework

WysiHat is a WYSIWYG JavaScript framework that provides an extensible foundation to design your own rich text editor. WysiHat stays out of your way and leaves the UI design to you.

Support platforms

WysiHat currently supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, version 7.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  • Apple Safari 4.0
  • Google Chrome 4.0



Code is documented inline with PDoc (http://pdoc.org/).

The generated HTML documentation can be found on the gh-pages branch or viewed online at (http://josh.github.com/wysihat/).


Several examples can be found under examples/ to get you started.


Tagged releases will be posted on the GitHub downloads section (http://github.com/josh/wysihat/downloads).

Building from source

You can build the latest version of WysiHat from source by running rake the root directory. The generated file will be saved to dist/wysihat.js. Ruby and the Rake gem are only required to build the project from source. It is not required to run the code.


Check out the WysiHat source with

$ git clone git://github.com/josh/wysihat.git
$ cd wysihat
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

GitHub pull requests are welcome.


WysiHat is released under the MIT license.