Sample client code for BaseKit's REST API
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Sample client code for BaseKit's REST API

This example uses the following python module:


Installation on GNU/Linux

$ apt-get install python-oauth2

Installation on OS X

This code is just an example and it not intended to be used as a robust production solution, but give a good starting point on using the BaseKit API.

Setting up

You will need a valid set of oauth security credentials, and these need to be updated in the OAuthClient.init method:

        'consumer_key': '',
        'consumer_secret': '',
        'access_token': '',
        'access_secret': ''

You will also need to set the required api sever name, this can be set in the call to the 'BaseKitApi' constructor, i.e.

api = BaseKitApi('')


http_method = 'GET'
parameters = []

api = BaseKitApi('')
brand ='/brands/1', http_method, parameters)
print brand