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libgit2 version 0.11.0, "McSwifty"
Apologies for the massive changes in the external API (that's my fault),
and for the terrible codename for this release (that's @tclem's fault).

The detailed overview for the major API changes can be found in the
commit at 72a3fe4.

Major new features in this release:

	- Real caching and refcounting on parsed objects
	- Real caching and refcounting on objects read from the ODB
	- Streaming writes & reads from the ODB
	- Single-method writes for all object types
	- The external API is now partially thread-safe
	- Improved reference handling
	- New method to list references
	- ZLib is now built-in
	- Improvements to the Revision Walker
	- Tons of bug fixes

Thanks to all the contributors who make this possible.

Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>


libgit2 version 0.10.0, "very disco"
A version *so* awesome that needs 2 version bumps AND a codename.

Major features:

	- New internal garbage collection (harder)
	- Pack backend rewritten from scratch (better)
	- Revision walker rewritten from scratch (faster)
	- New object interdependency system (stronger)
	- Unique OID shortener
	- Reference listing

In honor of one heck of a music album, released ten years ago,


Bump the version number to 0.8.0
Yes, these are some seriously massive changes to the external API. We
are breaking stuff.

Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>


Add proper version management
We now have proper sonames in Mac OS X and Linux, proper versioning on
the pkg-config file and proper DLL naming in Windows.

The version of the library is defined exclusively in 'src/git2.h'; the build scripts
read it from there automatically.

Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>


Set short message when changing a commit's message
Yes, finally.

Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>


tagging initial release of libgit2
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