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A collection of resources I've found, and snippets of information I've learned, that I want to save so I don't have to search for them again later.
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This repo represents a collection of resources I've collected over my years working with computers. I've found that repeatedly I'll have a problem, search long and hard for the solution, find the solution, implement the solution, and then promptly forget what the solution was, and more importantly, where I found it. So I decided to start compiling my findins in a single location, so that hopefully I can save myself some redundant re-researching time in the future. Maybe there's something in here you'll find useful. Feel free to use it! And if you see something you think is important to have in a collection like this that is missing, throw me a pull request or throw it into the issue tracker! Enjoy!

Linux Security

20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips

Basic iptables HowTo

Disabling Root SSH Login Linux

Rootkit Hunter


Secure Setup of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This one has ideas which translate, though often not smoothly, to any web server setup.

Linux Misc

Rsync and SSH

Ubuntu LAMP Setup and Basics

Port Forwarding via SSH Tunnel

Making sure /etc/resolv.conf (nameservers) doesn't get overwritten at reboot

LaTeX and Markdown

LaTeX Basics

BibTeX and Bibliography Styles

Top Ten Tips for LaTeX Bibliographies

Markdown Syntax Guide

amsmath Package User Guide


Limechat -- Awesome Mac IRC client

ZNC -- Advanced IRC Bouncer

I found that I could set up ZNC and get connected to it, but it would not connect to any servers. After some research, I now assume that my VPS host was blocking IRC traffic (as most hosts do, claiming security issues). I set it up with SSL access to ZNC, and SSL access to the servers to which I wanted to connect, on port 6697, which is a common, but non-official, IRC SSL port. Working fine now.

TeamSpeak 3 Server


Set up TS3 Server on Linux with MySQL

Unofficial Way to get Permissions 101 -- Server Owner Only


Pro Git (Best Git Book, IMO)

Git over Non-Standard SSH Port

Set up backup (mirror) Repositories

Stacked Git (pushing/popping patches)


Vi/Vim Substitue Guide


Repositories in Redmine

Review Board

post-review Documentation


Regular-Expressions Tutorial

Python vs Perl

Perl/Python Phrasebook Wiki

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