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an influxdb plugin for dokku
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This repository is no longer maintained.

dokku InfluxDB (beta)

InfluxDB plugin for dokku.


  • This plugin is not production ready yet.
  • The docker image is not from Influxdata (tutum/influxdb)


  • dokku 0.4.0+


# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install influxdb


influxdb:create <name>         Create new InfluxDB container
influxdb:destroy <name>        Destroy InfluxDB container
influxdb:expose <name> [port]  Expose on a custom port if provided (random port otherwise)
influxdb:link <name> <app>     Link InfluxDB service to the app
influxdb:logs <name> [-t]      Print the most recent log(s) for this service
influxdb:restart <name>        Graceful shutdown and restart of the InfluxDB service container
influxdb:start <name>          Start a previously stopped InfluxDB service
influxdb:stop <name>           Stop a running InfluxDB service
influxdb:unexpose <name>       Unexpose a previously exposed InfluxDB service
influxdb:unlink <name> <app>   Unlink InfluxDB service from the app


# create an InfluxDB service named lolipop
dokku influxdb:create lolipop

# another service can be linked to your app
dokku influxdb:link lolipop playground

# you can tail logs for a particular service
dokku influxdb:logs lolipop
dokku influxdb:logs lolipop -t # to tail

# expose docker port to the host machine
dokku influxdb:expose lolipop 8086 8083

# finally, you can destroy the container
dokku influxdb:destroy lolipop


Feel free to contribute to this project if you want to fix/extend/improve it.


  • Implement/test InfluxDB cluster
  • ...