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Ansible Repo that utilizes an ansible-pull command to configure my workstations.
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Ansible Repo that utilizes an ansible-pull command to configure my workstations.


Currently this repo is working without issue (using a tasks based approach); however, the repo includes a few "work in progress" and testing scripts that are never called in the main automation. They may be utilized at a later date. I have tried to make it clear so that if anyone decides to use this as a base - it is easy to remove (if unwanted or needed).

I am considering a refactor to Ansible Roles. If I do so, I will likely put the "tasks" based approach into a branch for the history. With this I am currently considering how to impliment roles due to the larger number of desktop software packages installed. It does not make sense to me to have an individual role for each package.

I seem to have an occasional time where I commit a change to the repository and for some reason ansible-pull reports that there are no changes. WHen I know there are, I may run sudo ansible-pull -U I suspect it has something to do

Open to suggestions via issues for improvements.

My Workflow

git clone
cd bashfulrobot-ansible

This is simply a redirect that pulls the raw output of the script in this repo. This will bootstrap Ansible, and add a cronjob that will check the repo every 10 minutes for changes, and only run on the machine if the repo has a change.

Then anytime I install any software, I do so via this repo, so that all of my workstations inherit the changes and configuration.

If you combine the above with some sort of file sync solution (I ue Seafile) that supports encryption, I can usually recover a system to about 95% completion within 40 minutes or so. And there is very little I have to remember (documented via code), or complete manually.

Usage for you

This might serve as a good starting point for configuring an Ubuntu system. If forking, you will need to change the variable for your username and home directory. Ensure that you do not add my SSH key (script pulls from GitHub). :-) Audit thouroughly if you plan to use.


  • Fix permission issues. Causes ansible-pull to choke due to local changes (permissions in the local repo).
    • Can be fixed with:
      • fish: cd $HOME/.ansible/pull/bashfulrobot && git checkout -- (git ls-files -m)
      • bash/zsh: cd $HOME/.ansible/pull/bashfulrobot && git checkout -- $(git ls-files -m)
    • This can cause the cronjob to not work.
  • Add startup items
  • create skeleton for removing software
    • single one off runs.
  • Budgie panels have a unique ID.
    • Need to identify (dconf list /com/solus-project/budgie-panel/panels/ | cut -d "/" -f1)
    • Set ansible vars dynamically for each host to remember panels
      • Need to keep it from slowing down later processing
      • Need to figure out how to track state (i.e.) Panels added and removed
      • How to add a panel via dconf (is it possible?)
        • but can get and edit primary panel settings.
      • Look into leveraging the default install panel INI file.
    • Add compact mode for budgie menu
      • depends on panel work
    • Remove panel shadows
      • depends on panel work
    • Add github release files such as shfmt, etc.
    • Install NVIDIA drivers based on host <<< May be moot as of 19.10 due to inclusiong of Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu ISO.
    • How to reliably detect if there is nvidia on host in Ansible.
    • sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
  • Install virtualbox
  • Install Standard Notes
  • Install
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