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The Hanoi Key/Value Storage Engine

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Hanoi Ordered Key/Value Storage

Hanoi implements an ordered key/value storage engine, implemented using "doubling sizes" persistent ordered sets of key/value pairs, much like LevelDB.

Here's the bullet list:

  • Insert, Delete and Read all have worst case log2(N) latency.
  • Incremental space reclaimation: The cost of evicting stale key/values is amortized into insertion
    • you don't need a separate eviction thread to keep memory use low
    • you don't need to schedule merges to happen at off-peak hours
  • Operations-friendly "append-only" storage
    • allows you to backup live system
    • crash-recovery is very fast and the logic is straight forward
  • Supports efficient range queries
    • Riak secondary indexing
    • Fast key and bucket listing
  • Uses bloom filters to avoid unnecessary lookups on disk
  • Efficient resource utilization
    • Doesn't store all keys in memory
    • Uses a modest number of file descriptors proportional to the number of levels
    • IO is generally balanced between random and sequential
    • Low CPU overhead
  • ~2000 lines of pure Erlang code in src/*.erl

Hanoi is developed by Trifork, a Riak expert solutions provider. You're most welcome to contact us if you want help optimizing your Riak setup.

How to deploy Hanoi as a Riak/KV backend

This storage engine can function as an alternative backend for Basho's Riak/KV.

You can deploy hanoi into a Riak devrel cluster using the enable-hanoi script. Clone the riak repo, change your working directory to it, and then execute the enable-hanoi script. It adds hanoi as a dependency, runs make all devrel, and then modifies the configuration settings of the resulting dev nodes to use the hanoi storage backend.

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd riak/deps
  3. git clone git://
  4. cd ..
  5. ./deps/hanoi/enable-hanoi
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