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Fix idempotence of symlink creation in Rakefile spec_prep task

The presence of a symlink was being tested with File.exists?, but this was not
reliable in my own testing.  I changed it to File.symlink?, which I hope
reflects the intent.
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1 parent 1da9582 commit 39522bf952c8323b39c8c8d219120b2aa5a5f348 @L2G L2G committed Feb 16, 2014
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@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ task :spec_prep do
fixtures("symlinks").each do |source, target|
- File::exists?(target) || FileUtils::ln_s(source, target)
+ FileUtils.ln_s(source, target) unless File.symlink?(target)
FileUtils::mkdir_p("tests/data") unless File.exists? "tests/data"

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