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the issue is resolved (about 4 lines of code) in master. Affects
running of rake when the task raises errors.
- *
- This issue is what is currently failing all of `spec/classes/`. A fix
- HAS been released, but not as a gem. The repository doesn't allow me
- to report issues conveniently, and there's no gemspec file, so I can't
- just reference the repo either.
This issue affects a single test that exposed the issue; overriding
puppet variables with rspec variables. The test is currently marked as
- *
- Unmet dependencies on vanilla Debian 6.0. I'm probably going to have
- to make apt-get add a source for this OS.
- * no such gem 'hiera-puppet' - I can't provision out of the box with
- Puppet 2.7, because the hiera-puppet module fails with an import error.
- This gem should be bundled with puppet, or there ought to be a way to
- make the module install it.
#### Example42
From your excellent presentations I could find online, and your samples

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