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I've found that riak-cxx-client has no secondary indexes and search queries support, which became accessible via Protocol Buffers Interface in Riak 1.2. I hope you might be interested to merge my implementation with the upstream project.

larroy commented on f73b35e Nov 5, 2013

Hi can you explain these changes? I'm interested in merging pull requests to my fork as there seems to be no interest in this code anymore from basho


sslipchenko replied Nov 12, 2013


It just prevents interruption of code without explicit "deadline_timer_.expires_from_now(timeout_);" by the existing timer.
There could be no such code for now, but it might appear in future. Then it would take a time to find out the source of a problem.


mbbroberg commented Mar 31, 2015

Hi @larroy & @sslipchenko -- this repo was definitely left behind. There are two options at this point - migrate and Basho Labs and recruit maintainers or delete this project given it's age.

What's your preference? Would you care to be a maintainer?

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