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Release Notes - The Riak Community v0.5

The following release notes chronicle the key events that happened in the Riak Community from approximately July 1 thru July 31. If you have something contribute, please submit a pull request. (We want everything the community has done, so don't hesitate to add something for a past set of release notes.)

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Blog Posts and Podcasts

  • Russell Brown wrote a blog post about the new stats code that is shipping with Riak 1.2. [July 2]
  • Mathias Meyer wrote a blog post about his experience selling the Riak Handbook. [July 5]
  • Ray Jenkins wrote a blog post discussing riak-scala-dao, a simple, reusable persistence layer for Riak, written in Scala. [July 9]
  • The team at GoGrid wrote a blog post explaining how to setup a Riak cluster on GoGrid. [July 9]
  • Lei Gu wrote a blog post about why he and his team are going with Riak. [July 10]
  • OJ Reeves released the long-awaited fifth installment to his Riak, Webmachine, and Erly DTL blog series. [July 10]
  • Lei Gu wrote up some details on working with the Riak Java Client.
  • Scott Leberknight wrote a brief introduction to Riak and the Ruby client. [July 12]
  • DevOps Angle posted a quick blog about the Riak Comparisons on our wiki. [July 12]
  • Shai Rosenfeld wrote a blog post about the riak-shim code he, mkb, and EngineYard released. [July 13 ]
  • Sean Cribbs put together some details on what's coming to the Protocol Buffers interface in Riak 1.2.[July 18]
  • Charles Gildawie released a post about his first impressions of Riak. [July 23]
  • Jeremy Ong put together a post about working with Secondary Indices and the Erlang client. [July 23]
  • James Governor of RedMonk wrote a quick post about Basho's new office in London. [July 25]
  • Rodrigo de Castro wrote three blog posts about Riak in July. The first was called Understanding Vector Clocks. [July 25]
  • Rodrigo also wrote up some details about using Pre-commit Hooks. [July 26]
  • Rodrigo's last post was a high-level overview of why he likes Riak. [July 30]



Talks, Slide Decks, and Other Presos

  • InfoQ released a video of Reid Draper's Knockbox talk from Clojure/West. [July 10]
  • Ian Plosker gave a talk at O'Relly's OSCON in Portland, OR. [July 20]

Code Releases

  • Shuhao Wu completely refactored and released a new version of riakkit, a Python Riak ORM. [July 4]
  • The team at Trifork released the beginnings of a C Client for Riak. [July 5]
  • Ray Jenkins released riak-scala-dao, a reusable persistence layer for Riak written in Scala. [July 9]
  • We started work on a Riak Charm for Juju. [July 9]
  • mkb and the team at EngineYard released some code called riak-shim that reads config/database.yml and generates sensible bucket names. [July 11]
  • Tom Arnfeld released the beginnings of a Riak ORM for the Fuel PHP Framework. [July 16]
  • Andrew Nelson's Data-Riak Perl client for Riak eclipsed version 1.0. [July 26]

Other Awesome Things The Community Did

  • Sebastian Röbke shared a pretty amazing photo of what they do at they do at the offices. [July 9]
  • GitHub announced a new round of funding. [July 9]
  • Boundary announced a new round of funding. [July 10]
  • We announced RICON, a two day conference dedicated to Riak, developers, and the future of distributed systems in production. [July 16]
  • The team at Kiip announced that they raised a new round of funding. [July 17]
  • We announced a new round of funding. [July 17]
  • Zencoder announced that it was acquired by Brightcove. [July 26]
  • Dietrich Featherston tweeted a photo showing off the OLAP language he and the Boundary team have built on top of kobayashi, their Riak-based storage system. [July 27]

New Known Production Deployments

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