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* Mathias Meyer gave a talk called [Designing for Concurrency with Riak]( at the NoSQL Matters Conference in Cologne, Germany. [**May 29**]
* Thiago Avelino [gave a talk]( on Riak Search (in Portugese!) [**May 29**]
+* Andy Gross discussed [Riak Use Cases]( at GOTO Amsterdam. [**May 24**]
+* Andy Gross gave a talk at Open Source Business Conference. [**May 22**]
* The team at Kiip [gave a talk]( on their production usage of Riak. [**May 22**]
* Ian Plosker represented Riak on a [panel discussion]( at GOTO Copenhagen. [**May 22**]
* Tom Santero gave a talk ([slides]( on building distributed cloud services using riak_core at GOTO Copenhagen. [**May 21**]
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