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Updated README with Protocol Buffers information.

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@@ -21,9 +21,12 @@ The easiest way to get Riak is to download a pre-built distribution
from []. Any version 0.9.1 or newer
should work.
-Riak must be configured to expose its HTTP interface. By default,
-Riak does this on localhost port 8098. If you'll be running Wriaki on
-the same machine, you can just leave this setting at its default.
+As of version 0.10.0, Riak offers two interfaces, HTTP and Protocol
+Buffers. Wriaki supports both interfaces. If you plan on using the
+HTTP interface you must be careful of port conflicts with Wriaki if
+they are run on the same machine. By default, Riak uses port 8098 on
+localhost while Wriaki uses port 8000. If you leave the default settings
+you do not need to worry about port conflicts.
*** Wiki Creole
@@ -53,14 +56,10 @@ The settings that Wriaki knows about are:
+ salt :: the "salt" used for encrypting user passwords
- + riak_ip :: the IP address of the machine in the Riak cluster to
- connect to
- + riak_port :: the TCP port the Riak node is listening on
- + riak_prefix :: the URL prefix for Riak data
- http://<riak_ip>:<riak_port>/<riak_prefix>/Bucket/Key
+ + riak :: the connection information for Riak
+ For Protocol Buffers, use: {pb, {Host, Port}}
+ For HTTP, use: {http, {Host, Port, Prefix}}
+ http://<Host>:<Port>/<Prefix>/Bucket/Key
+ web_ip :: the IP to bind Wriaki's webserver to
@@ -92,7 +91,7 @@ One 'article' object exists for each page on the wiki.
*** Key: article title
The key for an article object is the title of the wiki page,
+base64 encoded.
*** Bucket: article

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