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1 parent 98fffd1 commit 4745950ad531de8a25fd7ef1c47552d7cc99655b Gregory Burd committed May 2, 2013
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@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ TODO:
* Why do we see {error, {ebusy, _}} result on wterl:drop/2?
* Determine a better way to estimate the number of sessions we should
configure WT for at startup in riak_kv_wterl_backend:max_sessions/1.
+* Make sure Erlang is optimizing for selective receive in async_nif_enqueue/3
+ because in the eLevelDB driver there is a comment: "This cannot be a separate
+ function. Code must be inline to trigger Erlang compiler's use of optimized
+ selective receive."
* Provide a way to configure the cursor options, right now they are
always "raw,overwrite".
* Add support for Riak/KV 2i indexes using the same design pattern

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