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{lager, "1.*", {git, "git://", {branch,
{folsom, ".*", {git, "git://", {tag, "0.7.1"}}},
{ibrowse, ".*",
{git, "git://", {tag, "v3.0.4"}}},
{casbench, "0.1",
{git, "git://",
{thrift, ".*", {git, "git://", {branch, "master"}}},
{erlcassa, ".*",
{git, "git://",
{branch, "master"}}},
{riakc, ".*",
{git, "git://", {tag, "1.2.1"}}},
{mochiweb, "1.5.1",
{git, "git://", {tag, "1.5.1-riak-1.0.x-fixes"}}}
{erl_opts, [{src_dirs, [src]},
{parse_transform, lager_transform}]}.
{escript_incl_apps, [lager, bear, folsom, ibrowse, riakc, mochiweb, protobuffs ]}.
%% Uncomment to use the Java client bench driver
%% {escript_emu_args, "%%! -name bb@ -setcookie YOUR_ERLANG_COOKIE\n"}.
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