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Save tombstones during partial merges. Fixes basho/bitcask#82 #102

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I decided to take a hack at this. I don't actually know Erlang, but Bitcask's code is pretty clear. I'm not super-happy with my solution for a couple reasons: First, because there are actually some cases where it is safe to remove tombstones during partial merges, and second, because I think there is still more cleanup that could be done. For instance, del_keydir is probably not necessary at all. But I do think that this is probably an improvement in correctness.


Thanks! I'll take a look sometime in the coming week.

Basho Technologies member

Hi, sorry about the delay. We've been pondering this issue on and off, sorry there hasn't been any visible action. I'm not 100% sure this is a good idea: if we end up preserving all tombstones forever, we will just have another problem. Finding a solution there isn't as easy as I'd hoped.

This issue hasn't been forgotten. Either I or Evan will update this ticket when we find a solution.


It only keeps tombstones during partial merges, I think (if I can remember anything from when I looked at this). So a full merge should erase stale tombstones.

I actually think you should merge this, because it is better to keep too much data around than to return actually incorrect results.

Basho Technologies member

Sorry, I disagree slightly. If you consume all RAM with tombstone data, then Bitcask won't be able to store a single thing for you. Requiring a full merge now and then for the sole purpose of deleting unnecessary tombstones from disk is not an option for Basho.

Basho Technologies member

Hi, David. I'm going to close this PR. Sorry for not using it, but I believe that a better solution will be submitted for PR quite soon.

@slfritchie slfritchie closed this
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Showing with 43 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +43 −5 src/bitcask.erl
48 src/bitcask.erl
@@ -1032,6 +1032,20 @@ merge_files(#mstate { dirname = Dirname,
merge_files(State2#mstate { input_files = Rest }).
+merge_single_entry(K, V, Tstamp, FileId, {_, _, Offset, _} = Pos, State) when State#mstate.partial, V =:= ?TOMBSTONE ->
+ %% In the case where we are doing a partial merge, we must keep
+ %% tombstones around, because otherwise, some existing non-merged
+ %% file might cause a key to be retained which ought to be
+ %% deleted.
+ ok = bitcask_nifs:keydir_put(State#mstate.del_keydir, K,
+ FileId, 0, Offset, Tstamp),
+ bitcask_nifs:keydir_remove(State#mstate.live_keydir, K,
+ Tstamp, FileId, Offset),
+ inner_merge_write(K, V, Tstamp,
+ FileId, Offset, State),
+ State;
merge_single_entry(K, V, Tstamp, FileId, {_, _, Offset, _} = Pos, State) ->
case out_of_date(K, Tstamp, FileId, Pos, State#mstate.expiry_time, false,
[State#mstate.live_keydir, State#mstate.del_keydir]) of
@@ -1055,11 +1069,7 @@ merge_single_entry(K, V, Tstamp, FileId, {_, _, Offset, _} = Pos, State) ->
bitcask_nifs:keydir_remove(State#mstate.live_keydir, K,
Tstamp, FileId, Offset),
- case State#mstate.partial of
- true -> inner_merge_write(K, V, Tstamp,
- FileId, Offset, State);
- false -> State
- end;
+ State;
false ->
ok = bitcask_nifs:keydir_remove(State#mstate.del_keydir, K),
inner_merge_write(K, V, Tstamp, FileId, Offset, State)
@@ -1800,6 +1810,34 @@ corrupt_file_test() ->
+merge_delete_test_() ->
+ {timeout, 60, fun merge_delete_test_body/0}.
+merge_delete_test_body() ->
+ Opts = [{max_file_size, 120}],
+ Dir = "/tmp/bc.test.merge-delete",
+ os:cmd("rm -rf /tmp/bc.test.merge-delete"),
+ B = bitcask:open(Dir, [read_write | Opts]),
+ PutSome = fun() ->
+ [bitcask:put(B, <<X:32>>, <<"yo this is a value">>) ||
+ X <- lists:seq(1,5)]
+ end,
+ PutSome(),
+ bitcask:delete(B, <<3:32>>),
+ bitcask:merge(Dir, Opts, ["/tmp/bc.test.merge-delete/"]),
+ bitcask:close(B),
+ B2 = bitcask:open(Dir, [read_write | Opts]),
+ V = bitcask:get(B2, <<3:32>>),
+ Result = if (V =:= not_found) ->
+ ok;
+ true ->
+ Error = lists:flatten(io_lib:format("expected not_found, got ~p", [V])),
+ erlang:error(Error)
+ end,
+ bitcask:close(B2),
+ Result.
invalid_data_size_test() ->
TestDir = "/tmp/bc.test.invalid_data_size_test",
TestDataFile = TestDir ++ "/",
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