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exception error: no function clause matching lists:unzip/3 [JIRA: RIAK-2783] #222

mdaiter opened this issue Sep 2, 2016 · 1 comment


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commented Sep 2, 2016

When I try to load stanchion through the command stanchion console, I get this:

19:24:25.493 [debug] Lager installed handler error_logger_lager_h into error_logger 19:24:25.497 [debug] Supervisor gr_param_sup started gr_param:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params) at pid <0.53.0> 19:24:25.497 [debug] Supervisor gr_counter_sup started gr_counter:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters) at pid <0.54.0> 19:24:25.497 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_params, []) at pid <0.55.0> 19:24:25.497 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_counters, [{input,0},{filter,0},{output,0}]) at pid <0.56.0> 19:24:25.574 [debug] Cuttlefish set to debug level logging 19:24:25.574 [info] Application lager started on node nonode@nohost 19:24:25.574 [info] Checking /etc/stanchion/app.config exists... false 19:24:25.574 [info] Checking /etc/stanchion/vm.args exists... true 19:24:25.574 [info] /etc/stanchion/vm.args exists, generating app.config 19:24:25.574 [debug] Generating config in: "/var/db/stanchion/generated.configs/app.2016." 19:24:25.574 [debug] SchemaFiles: ["/nix/store/wx2wijmb6m6gj9mi0k7nzv3b3vg8b94n-stanchion-2.1.1/lib/00-stanchion.schema","/nix/store/wx2wijmb6m6gj9mi0k7nzv3b3vg8b94n-stanchion-2.1.1/lib/11-erlang_vm.schema"] 19:24:25.587 [debug] ConfFiles: ["/etc/stanchion/stanchion.conf"] escript: exception error: no function clause matching lists:unzip([[ws,ws,ws,ws,ws,ws]], [["listener"],["riak_host"],["nodename"]], ["","", ""]) (lists.erl, line 387) in function cuttlefish_conf:file/1 (src/cuttlefish_conf.erl, line 74) in call from cuttlefish_conf:'-files/1-fun-1-'/2 (src/cuttlefish_conf.erl, line 45) in call from lists:foldl/3 (lists.erl, line 1248) in call from cuttlefish_conf:files/1 (src/cuttlefish_conf.erl, line 43) in call from cuttlefish_escript:load_conf/1 (src/cuttlefish_escript.erl, line 306) in call from cuttlefish_escript:engage_cuttlefish/1 (src/cuttlefish_escript.erl, line 360) in call from cuttlefish_escript:generate/1 (src/cuttlefish_escript.erl, line 254)

Anyone know what's up? Here's my stanchion.conf:
`nodename =

distributed_cookie = riak

platform_log_dir = /var/log/stanchion

platform_data_dir = /var/db/stanchion

platform_etc_dir = /etc/stanchion

riak_host =
listener =

stanchion_ssl = off

admin.key =

admin.secret =


Seems to be a cuttlefish problem. I'm running on Erlang R16_Basho10

@Basho-JIRA Basho-JIRA changed the title exception error: no function clause matching lists:unzip/3 exception error: no function clause matching lists:unzip/3 [JIRA: RIAK-2783] Sep 2, 2016


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commented Dec 16, 2016

+1 on this issue:

lists:unzip([[ws,ws,ws,ws,ws,ws]], [["listener"],["riak_host"],["nodename"]], ["","", ""])

is not a zipped list and the reason is the 'ws' list.

I did some tests with cuttlefish 2.0.10 and also had the same issue.

As far as I found out the reason are lines containing only 'space'.
So "\n" is not an issue but " \n" is an issue.

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