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eleveldb - Erlang bindings to LevelDB datastore

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This repository follows the Basho standard for branch management as of November 28, 2013. The standard is found here:

In summary, the "develop" branch contains the most recently reviewed engineering work. The "master" branch contains the most recently released work, i.e. distributed as part of a Riak release.

Iterating Records

High-level Iterator Interface

The interface that most clients of eleveldb should use when iterating over a set of records stored in leveldb is fold, since this fits nicely with the Erlang way of doing things.

For those who need more control over the process of iterating over records, you can use direct iterator actions. Use them with great care.

Direct Iterator Actions


  • seek: Move iterator to a new position.

  • next: Move forward one position and return the value; do nothing else.

  • prev: Move backward one position and return the value; do nothing else.


  • prefetch: Perform a next action and then start a parallel call for the subsequent next while Erlang processes the current next. The subsequent prefetch may return immediately with the value already retrieved.

  • prefetch_stop: Stop a sequence of prefetch calls. If there is a parallel prefetch pending, cancel it, since we are about to move the pointer.


Either use prefetch/prefetch_stop or next/prev. Do not intermix prefetch and next/prev. You must prefetch_stop after one or more prefetch operations before using any of the other operations (seek, next, prev).