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Add README with instructions on bootstrapping, seeding, starting and configuring giddyup.

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+# GiddyUp
-The successor to basho_reins
+Welcome to the exciting world of `giddyup`.
+## What is GiddyUp?
+GiddyUp is the visual scorecard for [riak_test]( GiddyUp provides two services, seeding ```riak_test``` with the list of tests which should be run for each platform, and receiving tests results and logs via a REST interface.
+## Bootstrapping and Configuration
+1. Migrate your database using ```bundle exec rake db:migrate```
+2. Seed your database with the default set of tests, platforms and
+ backend combinations using ```bundle exec rake db:seed```
+3. Create a ```.env``` file with the following environment variables:
+ ```DATABASE_URL```, ```S3_AKID```, ```S3_BUCKET``` and ```S3_SECRET```.
+4. Start your application with ```foreman start```
+## Screenshot
+![Screenshot]( "Screenshot")
BIN  screenshot.png
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