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%% -*- tab-width: 4;erlang-indent-level: 4;indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
%% ex: ts=4 sw=4 et
{application, lager,
{description, "Erlang logging framework"},
{vsn, "2.0.1"},
{modules, []},
{applications, [
{registered, [lager_sup, lager_event, lager_crash_log, lager_handler_watcher_sup]},
{mod, {lager_app, []}},
{env, [
%% What handlers to install with what arguments
{handlers, [
{lager_console_backend, info},
{lager_file_backend, [
{file, "log/error.log"}, {level, error}, {size, 10485760}, {date, "$D0"}, {count, 5}]},
{lager_file_backend, [
{file, "log/console.log"}, {level, info}, {size, 10485760}, {date, "$D0"}, {count, 5}]}
%% What colors to use with what log levels
{colored, false},
{colors, [
{debug, "\e[0;38m" },
{info, "\e[1;37m" },
{notice, "\e[1;36m" },
{warning, "\e[1;33m" },
{error, "\e[1;31m" },
{critical, "\e[1;35m" },
{alert, "\e[1;44m" },
{emergency, "\e[1;41m" }
%% Whether to write a crash log, and where. Undefined means no crash logger.
{crash_log, "log/crash.log"},
%% Maximum size in bytes of events in the crash log - defaults to 65536
{crash_log_msg_size, 65536},
%% Maximum size of the crash log in bytes, before its rotated, set
%% to 0 to disable rotation - default is 0
{crash_log_size, 10485760},
%% What time to rotate the crash log - default is no time
%% rotation. See the README for a description of this format.
{crash_log_date, "$D0"},
%% Number of rotated crash logs to keep, 0 means keep only the
%% current one - default is 0
{crash_log_count, 5},
%% Whether to redirect error_logger messages into lager - defaults to true
{error_logger_redirect, true},
%% How many messages per second to allow from error_logger before we start dropping them
{error_logger_hwm, 50},
%% How big the gen_event mailbox can get before it is switched into sync mode
{async_threshold, 20},
%% Switch back to async mode, when gen_event mailbox size decrease from `async_threshold'
%% to async_threshold - async_threshold_window
{async_threshold_window, 5}
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