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@@ -144,6 +144,34 @@ application variable. If undefined it is not written at all.
Messages in the crash log are subject to a maximum message size which can be
specified via the crash_log_msg_size application variable.
+Overload Protection
+Prior to lager 2.0, the gen_event at the core of lager operated purely in
+synchronous mode. Asynchronous mode is faster, but has no protection against
+message queue overload. In lager 2.0, the gen_event takes a hybrid approach. it
+polls its own mailbox size and toggles the messaging between synchronous and
+asynchronous depending on mailbox size.
+{async_threshold, 100}
+This will use async messaging until the mailbox exceeds 100 messages, at which
+point synchronous messaging will be used.
+If you wish to disable this behaviour, simply set it to 'undefined'.
+If you want to limit the number of messages per second allowed from error_logger,
+which is a good idea if you want to weather a flood of messages when lots of
+related processes crash, you can set a limit:
+{error_logger_hwm, 50}
+It is probably best to keep this number small.
Runtime loglevel changes
You can change the log level of any lager backend at runtime by doing the
@@ -342,6 +370,20 @@ data-type that serializes well. To trace by pid, use the pid as a string:
lager:trace_console([{pid, "<0.410.0>"}])
+As of lager 2.0, you can also use a 3 tuple while tracing, where the second
+element is a comparison operator. The currently supported comparison operators
+* '<' - less than
+* '=' - equal to
+* '>' - greater than
+lager:trace_console([{request, '>' 117}, {request, '<' 120}])
+Using '=' is equivalent to the 2-tuple form.
Setting the truncation limit at compile-time
Lager defaults to truncating messages at 4096 bytes, you can alter this by
6 src/
@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@
%% current one - default is 0
{crash_log_count, 5},
%% Whether to redirect error_logger messages into lager - defaults to true
- {error_logger_redirect, true}
+ {error_logger_redirect, true},
+ %% How many messages per second to allow from error_logger before we start dropping them
+ {error_logger_hwm, 50},
+ %% How big the gen_event mailbox can get before it is switched into sync mode
+ {async_threshold, 100}
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