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+* Overview
+ This is a syslog backend for [[][Lager]]. It
+ allows you to send messages out of lager and into the local syslog daemon.
+* Configuration
+ Configure a Lager handler like the following:
+ {lager_syslog_backend, [Identity, Facility, Level]}
+ The Identity is the string to tag all messages with in syslog, usually the
+ application's name. The facility is the facility to log to (see the syslog
+ documentation for a list of these). The Level is the lager level at which the
+ backend accepts messages (eg. using 'info' would send all messages at info
+ level or above into syslog). While you can filter messages at the syslog
+ level, it will improve performance if you filter in lager instead.
+ Refer to Lager's documentation for futher information on configuring handlers.
+* Troubleshooting
+ There's not a lot to go wrong, but if you are not receiving messages, check
+ your syslog config and read its manpage for more information. OS X, in
+ particular, has a very strange default config where it drops messages below
+ the 'info' level by default.

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