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node_package is a set of RPM/Debian/Solaris templates and scripts, suitable for packaging embedded Erlang nodes.


The following variables describe a package

Required Variables

  • package_name - The name of the package
  • package_shortdesc - A short (< one line) description of the package
  • package_install_name - The name of the binary installed (can be different than the `package_name`)
  • package_install_user - The user to create and run the daemon from
  • package_install_group - The group to create and add the above user to
  • copyright - The copyright holder (ex: 2011 Basho Technologies, Inc)
  • license_type - The short desciption of what license the app is under
  • vendor_name - The name of the person or company who is releasing this package
  • vendor_url - The website of the person or company who is releasing this package
  • vendor_contact_name - The name of the maintainer (ex: Basho Packaging)
  • vendor_contact_email - The email address of the maintainer (ex:
  • solaris_pkgname - Package names for Solaris follow a naming convention of MAINTapp (ex: BASHOriak)

Optional Variables

  • license_full_text - If the full text of a license needs to be included, use this variable
  • deb_depends - Dependencies you require on deb sytems. This should be a comma separated list.
  • package_desc - A long description of the package
  • solaris_depends - (not supported yet) Dependencies specific to the solaris package
  • package_install_user_desc - The description of the user created for the app
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