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Planet Riak Planet Setup

If you would like to setup planet and view it you will need python and the bsddb3

module. Once installed you can run python riak/riak/config.ini to generate the site. It will generate a static site in riak/output/

If you just want to add a new blog edit riak/riak/config.ini and add a block similar to

this one to the bottom. [] name = Sean Cribbs - Digital Renaissance Man

Below is the original readme


Planet is a flexible feed aggregator. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.

It uses Mark Pilgrim’s Universal Feed Parser to read from RDF, RSS and Atom feeds; and Tomas Styblo’s templating engine to output static files in any format you can dream up.

Keywords: feed, blog, aggregator, RSS, RDF, Atom, OPML, Python