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Ensure the worker supervisor terminates when you stop poolboy

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1 parent 0deace6 commit 17ee86c03f8b0d4d0e93ddc40a2b6d39b29b09e8 @Vagabond Vagabond committed
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3 src/poolboy.erl
@@ -148,7 +148,8 @@ handle_sync_event(get_avail_workers, _From, StateName, #state{workers=Workers}=S
handle_sync_event(get_all_workers, _From, StateName, #state{worker_sup=Sup}=State) ->
WorkerList = supervisor:which_children(Sup),
{reply, WorkerList, StateName, State};
-handle_sync_event(stop, _From, _StateName, State) ->
+handle_sync_event(stop, _From, _StateName, #state{worker_sup=Sup}=State) ->
+ exit(Sup, shutdown),
{stop, normal, ok, State};
handle_sync_event(_Event, _From, StateName, State) ->
Reply = {error, invalid_message},

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