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Try to address issue #2 with an optional timeout paramenter on checko…

…ut (default: 5000)

Some people value the let-it-fail philosophy which would allow the pool to fail when it can't send the event in time. Others may want to mimic a wholly blocking interface with infinity.
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1 parent 7a376a4 commit 261d5fe69d1e2c2bced6000c7219b46d259416b6 Devin Torres committed Sep 30, 2011
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  1. +11 −6 src/poolboy.erl
@@ -3,22 +3,27 @@
--export([start_link/1, checkout/1, checkout/2, checkin/2]).
+-export([start_link/1, checkout/1, checkout/2, checkout/3, checkin/2]).
-export([init/1, ready/2, ready/3, overflow/2, overflow/3, full/2, full/3,
handle_event/3, handle_sync_event/4, handle_info/3, terminate/3,
+-define(TIMEOUT, 5000).
-record(state, {workers, worker_sup, waiting=queue:new(), monitors=[],
size=5, overflow=0, max_overflow=10}).
-checkin(Pool, Worker) ->
- gen_fsm:send_event(Pool, {checkin, Worker}).
checkout(Pool) ->
- checkout(Pool, true).
+ checkout(Pool, true, ?TIMEOUT).
checkout(Pool, Block) ->
- gen_fsm:sync_send_event(Pool, {checkout, Block}, infinity).
+ checkout(Pool, Block, ?TIMEOUT).
+checkout(Pool, Block, Timeout) ->
+ gen_fsm:sync_send_event(Pool, {checkout, Block}, Timeout).
+checkin(Pool, Worker) ->
+ gen_fsm:send_event(Pool, {checkin, Worker}).
start_link(Args) ->
case proplists:get_value(name, Args) of

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