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48048c8 @tuncer Added HACKING, LICENSE and THANKS files
tuncer authored
1 The following people have contributed to rebar:
3 Dave Smith
4 Jon Meredith
5 Tim Dysinger
6 Bryan Fink
7 Tuncer Ayaz
9780f79 @tuncer Added Ian Wilkinson to THANKS file
tuncer authored
8 Ian Wilkinson
59b1f74 @tuncer Added Juan Jose Comellas to THANKS file
tuncer authored
9 Juan Jose Comellas for getopt.erl
2e5b035 @tuncer Added OJ Reeves to THANKS file
tuncer authored
10 OJ Reeves
5f98b6b @tuncer Add ASN.1 support (via Ruslan Babayev)
tuncer authored
11 Ruslan Babayev
89f9595 @tuncer Update THANKS file
tuncer authored
12 Ryan Tilder
13 Kevin Smith
14 David Reid
15 Cliff Moon
16 Chris Bernard
17 Jeremy Raymond
18 Bob Ippolito
19 Alex Songe
20 Vagabond
2c78048 @dizzyd Updating THANKS
dizzyd authored
21 Russell Brown
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