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%% -*- mode: erlang;erlang-indent-level: 4;indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
%% ex: ts=4 sw=4 ft=erlang et
{app_bin, ["priv/rebar"]}.
{escript_shebang, "#!/usr/bin/env escript\n"}.
{escript_emu_args, "%%! -noshell -noinput\n"}.
%% escript_incl_extra is for internal rebar-private use only.
%% Do not use outside rebar. Config interface is not stable.
{escript_incl_extra, [{"priv/templates/*", "."}]}.
{erl_opts, [warnings_as_errors]}.
{xref_checks, []}.
[{"(XC - UC) || (XU - X - B
- (\"escript\":\"foldl\"/\"3\")
- (\"abnfc\":\"file\"/\"2\")
- (\"erlydtl\":\"compile\"/\"3\")
- (\"lfe_comp\":\"file\"/\"2\")
- (\"neotoma\":\"file\"/\"2\")
- (\"protobuffs_compile\":\"scan_file\"/\"1\"))",
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