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Quote paths in Windows runner script

This allows the node to run in paths which include special characters,
for example 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Product Name'
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1 parent 556f475 commit 471b5714eb0481e316eab66288e2cce76023b602 @xenolinguist xenolinguist committed with tuncer Jul 30, 2012
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  2. +11 −10 priv/templates/
@@ -9,19 +9,28 @@
@set releases_dir=%node_root%\releases
@rem Parse ERTS version and release version from
-@for /F "tokens=1,2" %%I in (%releases_dir%\ do @(
+@for /F "usebackq tokens=1,2" %%I in ("%releases_dir%\") do @(
@call :set_trim erts_version %%I
@call :set_trim release_version %%J
-@rem extract erlang cookie from vm.args
@set vm_args=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\vm.args
-@for /f "usebackq tokens=1-2" %%I in (`findstr /b \-setcookie %vm_args%`) do @set erlang_cookie=%%J
+@set sys_config=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config
+@set node_boot_script=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\%node_name%
+@set clean_boot_script=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\start_clean
+@rem extract erlang cookie from vm.args
+@for /f "usebackq tokens=1-2" %%I in (`findstr /b \-setcookie "%vm_args%"`) do @set erlang_cookie=%%J
@set erts_bin=%node_root%\erts-%erts_version%\bin
@set service_name=%node_name%_%release_version%
+@set erlsrv="%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe"
+@set epmd="%erts_bin%\epmd.exe"
+@set escript="%erts_bin%\escript.exe"
+@set werl="%erts_bin%\werl.exe"
@if "%1"=="usage" @goto usage
@if "%1"=="install" @goto install
@if "%1"=="uninstall" @goto uninstall
@@ -39,34 +48,37 @@
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe add %service_name% -c "Erlang node %node_name% in %node_root%" -sname %node_name% -w %node_root% -m %node_root%\bin\start_erl.cmd -args " ++ %node_name% ++ %node_root%" -stopaction "init:stop()."
+@set description=Erlang node %node_name% in %node_root%
+@set start_erl=%node_root%\bin\start_erl.cmd
+@set args= ++ %node_name% ++ %node_root%
+@%erlsrv% add %service_name% -c "%description%" -sname %node_name% -w "%node_root%" -m "%start_erl%" -args "%args%" -stopaction "init:stop()."
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe remove %service_name%
-@%erts_bin%\epmd.exe -kill
+@%erlsrv% remove %service_name%
+@%epmd% -kill
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe start %service_name%
+@%erlsrv% start %service_name%
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe stop %service_name%
+@%erlsrv% stop %service_name%
@goto :EOF
-@start %erts_bin%\werl.exe -boot %releases_dir%\%release_version%\%node_name% -config %releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config -args_file %vm_args% -sname %node_name%
+@start "%node_name% console" %werl% -boot "%node_boot_script%" -config "%sys_config%" -args_file "%vm_args%" -sname %node_name%
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\erlsrv.exe list %service_name%
-@exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%
+@%erlsrv% list %service_name%
@goto :EOF
@for /f "usebackq" %%I in (`hostname`) do @set hostname=%%I
-start %erts_bin%\werl.exe -boot %releases_dir%\%release_version%\start_clean -remsh %node_name%@%hostname% -sname console -setcookie %erlang_cookie%
+start "%node_name% attach" %werl% -boot "%clean_boot_script%" -remsh %node_name%@%hostname% -sname console -setcookie %erlang_cookie%
@goto :EOF
@@ -76,7 +88,7 @@ start %erts_bin%\werl.exe -boot %releases_dir%\%release_version%\start_clean -re
@echo NOTE {package base name} MUST NOT include the .tar.gz suffix
@goto :EOF
-@%erts_bin%\escript.exe %node_root%\bin\install_upgrade.escript %node_name% %erlang_cookie% %2
+@%escript% %node_root%\bin\install_upgrade.escript %node_name% %erlang_cookie% %2
@goto :EOF
@@ -6,30 +6,31 @@
@for /F "delims=++ tokens=1,2,3" %%I in (%args%) do @(
@set erl_args=%%I
@call :set_trim node_name %%J
- @call :set_trim node_root %%K
+ @rem Trim spaces from the left of %%K (node_root), which may have spaces inside
+ @for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ("%%K") do @set node_root=%%a
@set releases_dir=%node_root%\releases
@rem parse ERTS version and release version from start_erl.dat
-@for /F "tokens=1,2" %%I in (%releases_dir%\ do @(
+@for /F "usebackq tokens=1,2" %%I in ("%releases_dir%\") do @(
@call :set_trim erts_version %%I
@call :set_trim release_version %%J
-@set erl_exe=%node_root%\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erl.exe
-@set boot_file=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\%node_name%
+@set erl_exe="%node_root%\erts-%erts_version%\bin\erl.exe"
+@set boot_file="%releases_dir%\%release_version%\%node_name%"
-@if exist %releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config (
- @set app_config=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config
+@if exist "%releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config" (
+ @set app_config="%releases_dir%\%release_version%\sys.config"
) else (
- @set app_config=%node_root%\etc\app.config
+ @set app_config="%node_root%\etc\app.config"
-@if exist %releases_dir%\%release_version%\vm.args (
- @set vm_args=%releases_dir%\%release_version%\vm.args
+@if exist "%releases_dir%\%release_version%\vm.args" (
+ @set vm_args="%releases_dir%\%release_version%\vm.args"
) else (
- @set vm_args=%node_root%\etc\vm.args
+ @set vm_args="%node_root%\etc\vm.args"
@%erl_exe% %erl_args% -boot %boot_file% -config %app_config% -args_file %vm_args%

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