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Fix bug 549; example deps in rebar.config.sample were wrong, as ident…

…ified by David Dossot
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commit 5d789283294cf247d58549019d2caf909ca4cdf4 1 parent 101ea0f
@dizzyd dizzyd authored
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  1. +2 −2 rebar.config.sample
4 rebar.config.sample
@@ -100,9 +100,9 @@
%% name as an atom, eg. mochiweb, a name and a version (from the .app file), or
%% an application name, a version and the SCM details on how to fetch it (SCM
%% type, location and revision). Rebar currently support git, hg, bzr and svn.
-{deps, [application_name, {application_name, "1.0.*"},
+{deps, [application_name,
{application_name, "1.0.*"},
- {hg, "", "f3626d5858a6"}]}.
+ {application_name, "1.0.*", {hg, "", "f3626d5858a6"}}]}.
%% == Subdirectories ==

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