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Hey Guys,

I've encountered and issue with reltool which results in erl_interface not being copied with "rebar generate". This becomes a problem with the Nitrogen Web Framework (or others, I'm sure), where in the target installation, I wish to include bcrypt, erls3, and others which require compiling from C.

However, because erl_interface was not being copied automatically to the target lib dir, it proved a problem for dependencies.

These two commits help alleviate that problem with a generated installation by extending the reltool.config overlay functionality to include the ability to copy additional libs from the source erlang installation.

The example, which I would include into Nitrogen would be to add to the default reltool.config the following:

{copy_absolute, "{{core_lib_dir}}/erl_interface-*","lib"}

Which will essentially copy the erl_interface dir from "/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/erl_interface-X.Y.Z" into the target lib dir.

I realize that this might not be the ideal solution, and if so, please let me know so I can adjust this accordingly. As it is, however, this solves my immediate problems.

Thanks :)

choptastic added some commits Oct 21, 2011
@choptastic choptastic add copy_absolute command to reltool overlay, and {{core_lib_dir}} var
This allow us to copy additional libs from absolute directories, in a
specific case copying erl_interface into the libs of a release, which
may be needed for compiling further.

Example: {copy_absolute,"{{core_lib_dir}}/erl_interface-*","lib"}
This will copy the erl_interface lib from the core erlang installation
to the newly generated one.
@choptastic choptastic Descriptive error message when erl_interface not found.
Previous was the cryptic {error, not_found}, which is simply the return
value of code:lib_dir(erl_interface) when not found. This at least
informs the user of *what* is wrong along with a possible solution.

The second commit, which I've not mentioned, is simply an improved error message in the event that the erl_interface is not found in the installation. Prior to this patch, it would simply throw an error because lists:flatten (called from lists:concat), cannot flatten {error,bad_name}. It took me a while to track down what was causing that.


closing this and re-opening with modifications as per our emails.

@choptastic choptastic closed this Dec 7, 2011
proger commented Aug 14, 2013

Is there any followup to problem where erl_interface isn't copied? Why was copy_absolute abandoned?

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