Modified simplenode.runner to start from alternative directory #212

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Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. noderunner: add support for alt dir and boot file

    uwiger committed Jan 16, 2012
        This patch contains two additions to simplenode.runner:
    1. Check if vm.args exists in CWD; if so, use it. This makes it
       easier to start multiple concurrent nodes on a single machine
       from one rebar-created release (starting each node from its
       own directory, with its own copy of vm.args and e.g.
       sys.config, log directory, database directory, etc.)
    2. Add the targets start_boot <file> and console_boot <file>.
       This is used to select a different boot script. The 'setup'
       application ( builds a special boot
       script for installation (all apps loaded but not started,
       making it possible to run install hooks with the full code path
       in place).