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Riak Recap for March 16 - 18

Posted on March 19, 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Great Recap for today: contributions, blog posts, and more.

I’ll be in New York City tomorrow through Sunday for the Structure Data event. If anyone is in town and wants to get together and talk Riak over a beer or two, let me know.*


Riak Recap for March 16 – 18

  1. The team at Clipboard posted an extensive blog post about how they are using Riak Search and some changes them made to speed it up.
    Read here
  2. There is a post up on Webfaction about how to get Riak up-and-running.
    Read here
  3. Uniserve Cloud just announced that they were offering Riak via Joyent Smart Machines.
    Details here
  4. Here’s another reminder about the Basho/Etsy Drinkup that is happening tomorrow night in Brooklyn.
    Information here


  1. We merged some code for Webmachine from Anthony Molinaro .
    Details here
  2. ultimatebuster added a set_links method to the Python Client.
    Commit here
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