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Riak Recap for August 10 - 11

Posted on August 12, 2011

Morning, Evening, Afternoon to All -

For today’s Recap: a new video, new wiki content, and more.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Riak Recap for August 10 – 11

  1. We added a page to the wiki that covers adding and removing nodes from a cluster.
    Read here
  2. SkillsMatter in London is holding an event called the NoSQL Exchange in November and the CFP is open.
    Details here
  3. Matt Ranney, CTO of Voxer, gave a talk at the Node.js meetup at Joyent last week. The talk is now online and viewable. It’s primarily about Node but touches a bit on how they are using Riak.
    Watch here
  4. This might be of interest to some of you building apps for startups: we released some more details on our RiakDS for Startups program.
    Details here
  5. One new job to pass along:
    → Formspring is hiring a Systems Engineer to work on all sorts of cool stuff. Details here.
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