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Riak Recap for April 18 - 23

Posted on April 24, 2012

Morning, Evening, Afternoon to All -

Here’s a Recap to get caught up on the last few days: blog posts, new code, and more.


Riak Recap for April 18 – 23

  1. popados released python-riakfs, a “Proof of concept Riak-backed virtual filesystem”.
    Code here
  2. Zachary Fox released a PHP session handler that uses Riak for storage.
    Code here
  3. This was on the list a few days ago but it’s worth sharing again: Dietrich Featherston wrote a great post about some issues Boundary was seeing with their Riak nodes. (If only all bug reports were this beautiful…)
    Read here
  4. There’s a new question on StackOverflow about using Riak with Rails.
    Read here
  5. Onset Technology is hiring people with Riak and MySQL experience in Israel.
    Details here
  6. Srdjan Pejic wrote a lengthy post about using Riak and Vagrant
    Blog here
  7. The Java Client Cookbook is coming along quite nicely.
    Latest here
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