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Riak Recap for September 16 - 18

Posted on September 19, 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning To All -

Today’s Recap comes to you live from Strange Loop where Susan Potter is currently delivering an awesome talk on riak_core.

For today: Blog posts, code, slides, and more.



Riak Recap for September 16 – 18

  1. Joseph Lambert wrote a great blog post about why and how he and the team at the NetCircle are using Riak. Thanks, Joseph!
    Read here
  2. Alexander Sicular contributed a small patch to riak-js.
    Pull request here
  3. David Koblas contributed a small fix to the Python Client.
    Pull request here
  4. Bryan Fink wrote a great blog post about MapReduce and Riak Pipe in 1.0.
    Read here
  5. Sean Cribbs published the code and slides from his Strange Loop talk he delivered this morning called “Wrap Your SQL Head Around Riak MapReduce.”
    Slide deck here
    Code on GitHub
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