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Riak Recap for December 28 - January 3

Posted on January 04, 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Big Recap for today: lots of Q & A, new code, meetups, and more.

Happy New Year.


Riak Recap for December 28 – January 3

  1. A Riak script was added to Nmap
    Announcement here
    Script details here
  2. The next Bay Area Riak Meetup is happening on January 18th at the StackMob offices.
    Details and registration here
  3. John Leach wrote a great guide for running Riak on the BrightBox Cloud.
    Read and build here
  4. For anyone who’ll be in/around Copenhagen in early March: Basho, Trifork, and Erlang Solutions will be holding another NoSQL Roadshow on March 2nd.
    Details here
  5. This isn’t specific to Riak but very applicable and interesting nonetheless: a group at Berkeley is working on testing just how “eventual” eventual consistency actually is in Dynamo-style systems. You might be surprised…
    Research and in-browser demo here
  6. 0.2.3 of ldapjs-riak is now available.
    On GitHub here
  7. The Riak Knowledge Base got a lot of updates over the past week. (For those of you who don’t yet know about the KB, enjoy.)
    Which file system available in Linux is preferred for Riak installations?
    How do I specify the location of the erlang crash dump file?
    How can I observe object sizes and sibling counts?
    Are Riak generated keys unique within a bucket?
    Can a cluster contain nodes running different operating systems?


  1. Sean merged some code from David Czarnecki into Ripple.
    Details here
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