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Riak Recap for March 4 - 13

Posted on March 13, 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Back to regularly-scheduled Recaps: blog posts, videos, parties, and more.



Riak Recap for March 5 – 13

  1. We’re doing a Riak talk and Drinkup in Vancouver (in a few hours).
    Details here
  2. Mathias Meyer and Josh Kalderimis were on The Changelog talking about Travis CI and Riak.
    Listen here
  3. The recording of the Riak 1.1 Webinar that we did a few weeks ago is online and viewable. (This will be posted properly on the blog later this week but I wanted to make sure the early adopters had early access.)
    Watch here
  4. Another reminder about Andrew Thompson’s upcoming Riak talk at Buffalo Ruby Group on March 20th.
    Details here
  5. Basho, Joyent, Voxer, and Yammer at throwing a huge party on March 29th (during Erlang Factory). If you’re planning to be in/around San Francisco, you should be here.
    Details here
  6. Simon Buckle published the first in a two part series for IBM developerWorks on Riak. Thanks, Simon!
    Read here
  7. Rackspace has a great overview of Erlang up on their blog. Riak and Webmachine both get nice mentions.
    Read here
  8. I wanted to pass along a congratulations to the Posterous team on joining Twitter. Julio and Team – Make sure you bring your Riak with you. :)
    Blog post about the acquisition here
    Details on Posterous’ Riak usage (for those of you who haven’t seen it)
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