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Riak Recap for April 13 - 17

Posted on April 18, 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

For today’s Recap: blog posts, new code, meetups, and more.



Riak Recap for April 13 – 17

  1. There is an “Evening with Riak” planned in London on May 10th.
    Details here
  2. For anyone in NYC, Tom Santero is getting the local Riak meetup up and running again.
    Help us bring some concurrency to NYC
  3. Armon, Mitchell, and the team at wrote a post about why they are moving their data into PostgreSQL and Riak from MongoDB.
    Read here
  4. The team at StackMob released their Scala Client for Riak along with a blog post about it.
    Blog Post
  5. Michael Klishin has been putting in some work on his Riak Clojure client.
    Code here
  6. Another reminder about Justin Sheehy’s talk happening in Chicago on May 29th.
    Details here
  7. I mentioned this on the list earlier but for those of you who just filter for the Recaps: we released some Riak badges; they will look beautiful on your site.
    Details here


  1. New

fixed_char valgen
add latency leveling
Ping Type Spec

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