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Riak Recap for Feb. 27 - Mar. 1

Posted on March 02, 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Great Recap for today.

Enjoy, have a great weekend, and thanks for being a part of Riak.


Riak Recap for February 27 – March 1

  1. Basho put out a press release about Bump running on Riak.
    Read here
  2. Bump picked up some additional Riak-related press from some big sites.
    Write up on GigaOM
    Piece in Silicon Alley
  3. More good news from the Community: Yammer closed $85MM in funding.
    Congrats to Coda Hale, Ryan Kennedy, and the rest of the awesome team
    at Yammer!
    Read here
  4. Jim Downey wrote two great blog posts over the last week that are
    worth your time.
    Exploring NoSQL and CAP with Riak
    Eventual Consistency: How Eventual? How Consistent?
  5. Jim’s “Eventual Consistency” post was inspired by a talk Peter Bailis gave at BashoChats last week in San Francisco. We just posted Peter’s talk on the Basho blog, and it’s well worth your 45 minutes.
    Watch here
  6. Liam Kaufman put together a blog post about Riak and Node.js.
    Read here
  7. So more Riak love at Erlang Factory to pass along: Jesse Newland is giving a talk called “Rewriting GitHub Pages with Riak Core, Riak KV, and Webmachine.”
    Details here
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