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Riak Recap for July 6 - 7

Posted on July 08, 2011

For today’s Recap: A new release for the Haskell client, new code, a Ripple Hackathon, and more.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Riak Recap for July 6 – 7

  1. Bryan O’Sullivan’s Haskell Client just hit version 0.6.
    Details here
  2. This one is somewhat far out on the calendar but it’s worth relaying: newly-minted Basho Architect Steve Vinoksi will be talking at GOTO Amsterdam in October.
    Details here
  3. Luca Spiller released “Riak Console,” an interactive command line interface to Riak. This one looks pretty useful. Thanks, Luca!
    On GitHub here
  4. Next week at BashoWest we will be having a Ripple Hackathon, and we’re opening up the office to Bay Area Ruby Hackers. You should be here.
    Details here on the Basho Blog
  5. Alexander Mikhalev wrote a blog post about securing a Riak cluster using n2n VPN. This one is definitely worth the read. (NOTE: The typical recommended configuration is behind a firewall where the cluster is not exposed to the outside world.) Thanks, Alexander!
    Read here
  6. One job to pass along.
    → Scopely in L.A. is hiring Node.js developers with Riak experience. Details here
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