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+title: Riak Recap for December 16 - January 1
+layout: newpost
+_Posted on January 2, 2013_
+Happy New Year to All -
+Here's a Recap to cover the last few weeks. There's a lot of good stuff in here.
+Enjoy. And here's to putting more Riak into production in 2013. :)
+*Riak Recap for December 16 - Jan 1*
+# Brian Roach is getting ready to tag the 1.0.7 release of the Riak Java Client.
+-> "The latest commits are here":
+# Riakasaurus, the Riak Twisted Client that Colin Alston and the Praekelt team use and maintain, just added basic Protocol Buffers Support.
+-> "Latest here":
+# Mark Steele released a Riak plugin for collectd.
+-> "Code here":
+# Basho is sponsoring SyncConf happening in Norwich, UK this February.
+-> "Details here":
+# Christopher Biscardi started work on a Riak -> Elastic Search River a few weeks back.
+-> "Code here":
+# We released a new white paper that some of you might find useful. This one is all about making the transition from a relation DB to Riak.
+-> "Details here":
+-> "We're also doing a live Webcast tomorrow all about this":
+# Jakob Sievers' "MeshUp and other Riak hacks" talk from London Erlang Factory Lite was just released.
+-> "Watch here":
+# Yurii Rashkovskii announced that he and his team are working on a "concurrency-oriented k/v database" based on Riak Core.
+-> "Teaser here":
+# InfoQ finally got around to posting Jesse Newland's Erlang Factory San Francisco talk from last year on Riak Core, Webmachine, and GitHub Pages.
+-> "Watch here":
+# Matthew Revell is giving a "Intro to Riak" talk at Erlang Factor Lite in Munich next month.
+-> "Details here":
+# Dave Parfitt has been getting all sorts of ambitious on his Riak OCaml client development.
+-> "Latest here":
+# Last reminder about the Riak Meetup in Dublin on January 8th.
+-> "RSVP here":
+# There's a new Riak Perl Client in town.
+-> "On GitHub":
+-> "On CPAN":
+# Eric Redmond's "Little Riak Book" is looking better by the day.
+-> "Latest here":
+# Von Stark released a Ruby event machine client for Riak along with a blog post about it.
+-> "Code here":
+-> "Blog post":
+# Casey Rosenthal took some time to hook Redis up to Riak (by wrapping the Redis C client in an NIF)
+-> "Code here":
+# Some Q & A to finish things off.
+-> "Riak for a CRUD Application":
+-> "Riak Fails To Start":
+-> "How to Send parameters to a m/r query":
+-> "RJC Failed to compile":
+-> "Riak key spaces and indexes":
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