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+# Riak Recap Blog
+This is the repo for the [Riak Recap Blog](#). The Recap is a thrice-weekly emai, typically delivered each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, sent to the Riak Users Mailing List to keep them up-to-date on what's happening in and around the Riak Community. You can read more about why the Recap is written [here](
+Some developers and Riak fans wanted to read the Recaps without having to subscribe the mailing list (which is relatively high-volume). So, in the interest of expanding the community and pleasing more users, we started a blog that mirrors the content of the Recap emails.
+## What Else
+* Checkout the [Riak Wiki]( for more information on why you should be looking at Riak for your production applications
+* Subscribe to [The Riak Mailing List]( to get involved with the Riak Community
+* Follow Basho on Twitter to stay up on all the best Riak developments
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-* Port of Basho Blog to Jekyll
-** How To Post a Blog
- 1. [[][Install Jekyll]] if you haven't already done so.
- 2. Clone this repo (or pull the latest if you already have it)
- 3. Add your post to the _posts dir
- + Format for post name must be "YYYY-MM-DD.title.markup"
- + Markup can be HTML, Markdown, or Textile
- + Each post must have the appropriate YML header (*See any post in _post for example of what this needs to contain*)
- 4. Generate the blog locally:
- + cd into basho_blog
- + $ jekyll --server (This will build the blog locally and serve it up on localhost:4000/) (There are a whole mess of wacky config. options
- [[][here]].)
- + Your new post should be the first listed.
- 5. Proofread!!
- 6. Commit and push new post to "publish" branch
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