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@author Basho Technologies, Inc.
@copyright 2010-2012 Basho Technologies, Inc.
@version 1.2.0
@title Riak Client for Erlang
@doc <p>The <code>riakc</code> application encapsulates the Erlang
client for Riak. This client uses the Protocol Buffers transport
<em>only</em>. For HTTP transport, see <a
<p>To use the client in your application, we recommend using <a
href="">rebar</a>. Add a dependency like
the one below to the <code>rebar.config</code> in your project.</p>
<pre>{deps, [
{riakc, "1.2.0",
{git, "git://",
{tag, "1.2.0"}}}
<p>The application consists of 3 modules (and a generated module for the Protocol Buffers messages):</p>
<li><strong>riakc_pb_socket</strong> - connection management and execution of client commands. Usually you will start a connection process using <code>riakc_pb_socket:start_link/2,3</code>.</li>
<li><strong>riakc_obj</strong> - accessor and mutator functions for the <code>riakc_obj</code> record that is sent to and returned from Key-Value operations.</li>
<li><strong>riakc_pb</strong> - client-internal utility functions for converting message codes and Protocol Buffers messages to and from Erlang terms.</li>
<p><code>riakc</code> is licensed under the Apache v2 license.</p>
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