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Fixed broken html in documentation.

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1 parent aa9872e commit c2081a03869219c5a38c3c855efe11e986450083 @anha0825 anha0825 committed Jan 4, 2013
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@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ get(Pid, Bucket, Key, Options) ->
get(Pid, Bucket, Key, Options, default_timeout(get_timeout)).
%% @doc Get bucket/key from the server supplying options and timeout.
-%% <code>unchanged> will be returned when the
+%% <code>unchanged</code> will be returned when the
%% <code>{if_modified, Vclock}</code> option is specified and the
%% object is unchanged.
-spec get(pid(), bucket(), key(), get_options(), timeout()) ->

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